After 6 years having filmed over 200 weddings, one thing I truly feel thankful is being able to create a lifetime memory for people.  To me, there are many things that make life exciting and meaningful.  Many times I thought to myself, how can I make my life more meaningful to others and how can I use my filmmaking skill to bring joy and be a blessing to other people.  There’s nothing I appreciate more than being a part of people’s lives and being able to document and create a beautiful memory that they will cherish forever as they start a new life journey and take on new challenges with their loved ones.

My burning desire is to be a documentary filmmaker to make the unheard voices to be heard, to show the unseen stories that have not been told.  Over the past few years I’ve encountered couples that experienced different states of life, sometimes with losses of their loved ones or changes to their families.  I was inspired by the experience of filming weddings.  Human relationship is really something we want to keep forever.  Nothing can be compared to the gratifying feeling when past couples told me how much the memories I documented meant to them.  It always motivates me wanting to work harder and do better so I can help make a tiny little part of the world slightly better with more smiles around us.

I hope to take on more challenges in the future and when I’m not filming weddings some day, I will be making a difference to someone’s life at the very least.  But for now, my biggest passion is to help make your beautiful dream come true and document the best day of your life that’s yet to happen. 


Film is an art form.  What I like the most about creating wedding films is that we can infuse the artistic styles we’re fond of into the storytelling method.  It’s more than just simply documenting the events.  A compelling storytelling is about emotions, actions, dialogue, narration or exposition, and music that help convey all those elements.


There is really no set package.  We simply work with you to customize a plan with options that fit your preferences, requirements and needs for the best wedding film you will love.  Every wedding is different and unique and there is always something that you prefer more than the others.  Let us know what you would love to have.  Here are some ideas below for you to learn about the options you may want to consider.  

Coverage of preparations (such as makeup, getting ready and mingling with the girls and guys before the ceremony)
Special traditional ceremonies (such as tea ceremonies, any ritual traditions)
Full ceremony coverage
Full reception coverage or important events only coverage
1 – 3 videographers
Multiple DSLR / HD cameras
Shoot only coverage (you love to be the editor)
Highlight music video (edited to music only)
Same Day Edit
Highlight film from 3 – 10 minutes edited to music of your choice
Full edited version from 45 minutes to 3 hours or more (everything that we capture for the day)
All raw footage transferred to your own hard drive as option
Online files for your sharing and downloads
Blu-ray, DVD, online downloadable files and embed/streaming links
Vintage or old film style movie
Super 8 film
Proposal film
Love story film or pre-ceremony film for showing in ceremony or reception

Destination Wedding

We love destination weddings!  Our standard rates usually apply to destination weddings plus additional round trip travel expenses.  Feel free to ask us about our availability!

Some facts about Carmen, founder of OneDay Pictures.


is a devoted mother of two young children
is a filmmaker who has worked on documentary shorts and indie documentary films
has shot weddings for all big wedding video companies and can tell you the insider difference
loves working with lovely couples who share a stylish and artistic view about design
would shoot for free if your wedding is in Paris, Venice or London
has great passion in fashion and loves wedding gown design (don’t hesitate to chat with her about your pick if you’re looking for gowns)
is devoted to telling stories about any subject matters that matter to human life
enjoys variety of films except horror movies or thrillers (a good action movie is fine)
likes these colors – black, grey, white and ash blue
has been working in the multimedia, television and film industry for over 12 years now
owns another business that focuses on business and nonprofit video productions
has taught college-level television and field production classes
has worked with over a hundred of nonprofit organizations and government agencies on producing their commercials and tv programs
likes being in the role of producer more than the editor
prefers text messages to phone calls
is a fan of Apple
enjoys and loves life.  “The smallest thing could turn into a huge impact on someone’s life!”

has a Journalism degree
loves hanging out with the kids when not working, but too bad that this always isn’t the case

Our Stories

Here are some of our films
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City Weddings
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Julia Morgan Ballroom San Francisco
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A Heartwarming Union at Campovida : Kim and Dan’s Wedding
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