Nov 23, 2017

2018 Wedding Trends We Love

written by Akina T

Woods and Greens. We fell in love with “Greenery” wedding theme for 2017 but we love the upgrade even more. It’s the perfect mix of “woodsy” look along with leaves and other greenery. This theme gives such a calming vibe plus stylists are incorporating the wood details on just about anything — invitations, table numbers, giveaways, photo booth, and a lot more!

Image Source: aisleperfect.com

Bright spaces. Think of huge, bright spaces, white-washed venues, glasshouses.  2018 will welcome this trend wholeheartedly with couples opting to wed with a clean yet captivating feel. A Scandinavian vibe most definitely.

Image Source: stylemepretty.com

Hanging florals. Cause they are so elegant and they’d fit  just about any wedding themes.

Image Source: greenweddingshoes.com

Unique wedding ceremonies. Couples are looking for more and more unique places to have their wedding ceremony. They are gearing away from the traditional (like churches, hotels, and other typical venues) and settling for places like in the middle of the forest, a vintage cottage, a museum, and a lot more!

Image Source: sheachristine.com

Desserts and Cake. Cake cutting is definitely back and wedding experts are saying that we’ll see more of it next year. It is very traditional and sweet and couples really want to just capture the moment and be more sentimental. At the same time, creative desserts are being served on wedding more and more these days.

Image Source: weddingbells.ca

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