Jul 6, 2016

5 Affordable Wedding Details That Are Pinterest Worthy

written by Akina T

In the world of Pinterest and Instagram, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money in crafting the perfect details and add-ons for your dream wedding. If you are a crafty bride who enjoys doing DIY projects, then it won’t really be a waste of time if you preferred to make your wedding as your own project cause you know this is something you will truly enjoy.

For some of course, services of a wedding coordinator and even a stylist to make sure the wedding is as beautiful as it can be are still necessary.  After all, their job is to make the wedding run smoothly. Now for that added extra glam and elegance, we’ve listed 5 free wedding details you can do that are worthy to land a spot in your social media page. Read on!

Your something old or something borrowed. It can be a family heirloom or something traditional for your family, it can be a piece of jewelry, a watch, an old but fab wedding veil that your mom wore in her wedding, or it can be a special wedding shoes. This is absolutely free of course, you just need to wear it or attach to your wedding accessories like your bouquet.


A program guide. You can easily print one using your own printer at home and it can be very simple with minimal layout. What is important in a wedding program is the content. Tell something about your story, tell something about the bridal party, put some trivia, or put some simple paper games that the guests can play while waiting for the ceremony. Don’t forget to add your official wedding hashtag.


Framed photos. You can place frame photos in the registration area in your reception or place one in each of your wedding table. Tell a story if you must. Adding framed photos mean adding personal touch in your wedding and they will absolutely delight guests during the wedding. Have your phone photos printed or put some old childhood photos of you and your groom in them. You don’t even have to spend too much in frames.


Thank you notes. Traditionally, we send thank you notes to guests days after the wedding but it is much more convenient to give these notes directly during the wedding. Make it meaningful and make it special. You can place them along with the menu, or you can ask you coordinator to help you distribute it after the wedding. And you won’t even have to pay  for mail. 🙂


Wedding signs. These are very simple projects. It can be a directional sign, a social media sign, or a wedding etiquette sign.  Add some DIY details in them and place them as add-ons in the ceremony or reception area. These are the first few things that the guests usually notice and again, you won’t have to spend a lot.

Don’t forget to mention these details to your photographer and videographer so that they won’t forget to include them in their shot list. Of course, they are professionals and they know what to do but it won’t hurt to inform them which details are personal and extra special.

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