Aug 24, 2016

A Heartwarming Union at Campovida: Kim and Dan’s Wedding

written by Akina T

It was on April 16 when Kim and Dan got married at Campovida. From the preparations down to the reception and the dancing, everyone seems to have a happy disposition and it really felt like you’re not working at all. It was such a happy day!

The bride was breathtaking and the groom, exquisite. You can tell up front that their love for each other is overflowing and that they truly treasure the people around them, their friends and family.

We posted their wedding teaser last April and said that the wedding was truly filled with beautiful emotions worth capturing. Watch this full film, listen to their vows (Kim’s sincere and lovely and Dan’s poetic and sweet), and witness all the beautiful emotions. We can’t help but smile every time! This is one of the most heartfelt, magical weddings we have ever been too.

Cheers to more happy moments, Kim and Dan! Congratulations again!


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