Oct 5, 2017

Dreamy Fall Wedding at Nestldown: Sarah and Bennie

written by Akina T

It was almost a year, but we still can’t get over on how dreamy and magical the wedding of Sarah and Bennie was. Well, it was in the beautiful Nestldown during the fall, which is very romantic. The leaves were red and were falling on the trees creating a beautiful mess. And this provided such a perfect backdrop for us.

Nestldown has so many amazing locations to capture. We have been here many times and it still surprises us even up to this day. We hope we were able to somehow capture in film the magic of this place. 🙂

Sarah and Bennie met in Tokyo on a cold December day in a small cafe and fell in love. To Bennie, he felt something he had never felt before with anyone else. They had to spend two years in a long distance relationship but made it through. Four years later, there were standing amidst the beautiful redwood trees, sharing their vows with their treasured friends and family.

As Sarah put it into words: “I choose you today, and I would choose you again tomorrow, and I would go on choosing you the day after and everyday for the rest of our lives. You are my once in a lifetime.” Indeed, the moment was perfect. 

Hope this melts your hearts like it has ours.

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