Yes! I get these questions a lot!
What is your price point?
I have a large range from an intimate elopement wedding from $400/hour to a 3-5 day Indian wedding maybe over $5000. It will depend on the number of hours of coverage you will need and I always customize and review your details to suggest the best way that works closer to your budget range.
How long is the highlight film and the full-length documentary edit?
The highlight film is usually between 5-8 minutes of duration and there’s no limit to the duration of a highlight film (please see the question below for more explanation). The full-length documentary edit is usually between 45-90 minutes depending on the durations of your events. Some weddings have more and longer events and some have relatively more simple and short events. It will depend on how your story will be told in the most suitable way.
What is your style?
I lean towards a more journalistic approach and try to stay as discrete as possible when we film. I like to let events unfold by themselves so we can capture the raw emotions. However, we sometimes may need to stage certain things to achieve some visuals we’d like to see on film. Hope this answers your question about style!
Can we pick the music?
Of course! I’m always open to your ideas and let your personality and style inspire me about the music choice. I would first ask you for your ideas but I have to say that I usually would get the feeling for what kind of music suits your style and how things flow on your wedding day. The more important issue is the music licensing that will grant us the copyrights to create the film without copyrights infringement. So I highly recommend that you pick the songs within the types of music that we can get license for.
What's the turnaround time for the final product?
I usually would say approximately 3-4 months after your wedding. Over the past two years I have been experiencing larger volume of editing work and leaning more between 4-6 months on average.
Why does it take so long to edit the video?
Every wedding is just unique. I always try to make the wedding film as unique and distinct that suits your style and preferences. And I’m proud to say that I have always taken the time to try to make it the best for every couple. Each wedding takes me anywhere from 10-30 hours of post-production work (selecting music, choosing the shots and screening all of the materials) and for every second you see on film, I have gone through a lot of thinking and trying out with different editing arrangements. The few minutes you see on film may seem short and easy but it indeed takes lots of time to put the pieces together.  So please be assured that there’s no sloppy or fast work to work around in terms of editing. And I assure you that I spend more than 100% of my effort and energy when I focus on editing your wedding. Usually by the end of the wedding season around year end I get the most busy and regardless of how many weddings I have done for the particular year, I still insist on editing all of the weddings myself to ensure that I have given 100% attention to each final product.  This leads me to long rendering hours and spending days and weeks on editing.  The slightly little things (like audio or color grading) you may not notice could have easily taken hours of time to execute.  If you’re really looking for a speedy turnaround, I may not be the perfect match for you.
Will you revise the edit if we want some changes?
Of course! This is really the film you will cherish for the rest of your life. I’m happy to make some changes so you’re happy and satisfied with the result.  It may take longer to complete the revisions and your requested edits because, in all fairness, I also would try to finish the following wedding films for other people so they can also get to see their wedding films for the first time.
What is the booking procedure?
Please email and let me know as soon as you can confirm your decision. I will then start the contract for you and once a contract is signed and the deposit is in place, your date will be saved.
Do you have drone and will you be able to provide drone footage?
Yes, we do. However, you should also check with the venue and properties you have weddings at and see if they give you permission for having drone flying over their properties. We have encountered a lot of wedding venues that they do not allow unscheduled drone sessions or they do not give permission on using drones at all. Some of the venues may have certain restrictions on the use of drones as well. And for safely and liability issues, we do not fly drone over people during the ceremony or use drone for indoor properties. And for some open spaces, we may be able to fly drone to get a quick shot over the ceremony spot during the ceremony but please be aware that the drone would create noise and it would be distracting to attendees in the ceremony. Our experience told us that people would look up and pay their focus and attention on the drone but not on the couple.
What is the duration of the short film? Why are some longer and some shorter? How do you work to determine the durations of the films?
I don’t time the true durations to be honest. There is really no limit to the duration of the short film. When I work on editing, the compelling and interesting content which helps tell the story the best in the most suitable way should be my consideration. Some weddings have more actions, longer vows and speeches while some have relatively simple arrangements and fewer events. The amount of footage and content we can capture is also different with a 1 videographer and 2-3 hours of intimate wedding vs weddings with 3 videographers and 14 hours of coverage with lots of events throughout the day. So the duration is not what matters most when I do the editing. Rather it is how the story can be told and what should be shown in the film to make it compelling and interesting to you and your audience when you want to show it to others. A 3-hour long film may not necessarily be better than a 1-hour long film. From experience, I found that usually with a 6-8 hours of coverage with 2 videographers, the wedding films tend to be around 6-8 minutes long with all of the best highlights included. However, there is really no true standard on how long the film should be. And of course, if you’d prefer it to be shorter or longer, I’m happy to work with you to eliminate or add some necessary shots to your preferences.