Jul 15, 2016

Industrial Wedding Inspirations

written by Akina T

Modern, minimalist, with a rustic or bohemian vibe — this is probably what best describe an industrial-themed wedding. Couples today are totally loving this latest trend that is now dominating the wedding scene because it allows them to get inspiration from the most unexpected things and places. Can you imagine having your wedding in an old factory? What about an empty warehouse? Are you planning to use those seemingly old light bulbs? There’s so much you can do here!

We’ve compiled some of our favorites industrial theme wedding inspirations. Keep on browsing!

Industrial chic wedding invites. A simple black and white invitation bearing simple font yet very elegant. In love with the minimalist appeal.


Wedding ceremony isle. Every details here is unique. Would you want to get married in this kind of setup? We do!

Lovely industrial wedding centerpiece. The best thing about cans as wedding accessories is that they can fit many different themes. Whether the wedding is rustic, vintage, or bohemian.


Source: brit.co

 Cocktail bar. Yes, wooden ladder and wood planks sure look gorgeous. You can even DIY this for that romantic, vintage, and industrial chic appeal.

A warehouse as venue. Surprisingly, you can rent empty warehouses for hours for your industrial wedding. They are very reasonably priced, incredibly huge (perfect for dance parties after reception), and guests will surely enjoy the unique, industrial vibe of your wedding. These places really look gorgeous when setup properly.

And of course, lightbulbs. 🙂

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