Aug 13, 2016

Things Not to Stress About on Your Wedding Planning

written by Akina T

Every bride knows that wedding planning is indeed stressful. The mood of a very patient and calm bride can change in an instant when they are faced with an endless decisions to be made concerning the dress, the flowers, and everything in between.

If you remember, the word “Bridezilla” was invented back in the 90s to describe the brides who just can’t handle stress. The word may have an insensitive origin but today, it is widely being used and accepted and the definition somehow mellowed. Most brides would joke that they are somehow turning into a Bridezilla when handling wedding preps, even to their bridesmaids and yes, even to their grooms.

But even if it’s a universal truth that wedding planning is draining and stressful, there are just some things that you can let go of! Things that guests won’t even notice and things that would easily slip the eye of everyone involved in the wedding (well, unless they attended the wedding to research and notice things that are not OK but hey, it’s impossible!)

So instead on over thinking every single thing, save yourself from the “additional” stress by knowing some of the things that you need not to stress about on your wedding. See our list. 🙂

Reception linens and chair covers. As long as the color compliments your wedding color and theme, then you’re ok. Don’t think too much about the designs and all the details (ribbons? No!) specialty linens can cost a lot. Meet with your caterers and ask for their available linens and chair covers. They have lots of beautifully designed linens for sure. These are usually free but if you want something more than that, then of course, you have to pay more which is very inconvenient.


The program. Your guests are mostly composed of your treasured friends and lovely family members. They all love and adore you and they are definitely one with you in welcoming your new life as husband and wife. They are genuinely happy that they won’t even care about your entire wedding program so don’t get too detailed. Plan for the things you want to happen (first dance, speeches, cake cutting) then let it just flow spontaneously. The most magical things in this world are unplanned, you’ll see. And even if you don’t have those printed program cards, it’s completely ok.


Wedding favors. Some guests appreciate a beautifully packed aroma candles and other love unique novelty items. Guests have different tastes and thinking of the best favor for everyone is not easy and it can be too stressful. It is completely ok not to have wedding favors or if you want, just hire a photobooth. Guests can take home their own photos taken during your wedding. Or you can give sweets that guests can take home and eat after the wedding.


The flowers. This is not about the bridal bouquet because as a bride, of course you want it to be perfect but all the other flower arrangements need not to be carefully planned. Guests won’t notice the tiniest of details and for sure, not everyone will care about the flower choices. Think of your bouquet but let go of table centerpiece floral arrangements or ceremony aisle flower arrangements. Just send your idea to your florists or wedding stylist but don’t think too much about it. They’ll look great because professionals know how to put everything together and make it look good.


Wedding save the date cards. There are loads of beautifully crafted save the date cards on Pinterest and we’ve sure seen a lot of amazing ideas too on how couples announced their wedding dates. Yes, this is one of the first things you take care of during wedding planning but you don’t really have to worry on how to make it perfect. A simple announcement over lunch or dinner to your friends, followed by a Facebook invites to selected few is ok. A simple card will do too! The announcement that you are getting married is such a great and lovely news.

Hope you this will somehow help you on your wedding preps! Don’t stress too much, beautiful brides! 🙂

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